Either or both! Informants has been part of events in almost every context you can think of, including: Conferences, Concerts, Nights of Worship, Sunday Morning Church, Youth Concerts, Intimate Unplugged House Shows and more. We try our best to be versatile so we can serve the event the best way possible according to its’ needs and context. But generally we consider ourselves a worship band – think of what you might expect from a worship band like Delirious or UNITED.

In short, yes! We understand that a crucial part of our worship experience is for everyone to be able to engage together – and that can be challenging when people don’t know the songs. Informants ensures people can engage by doing a good balance of modern worship songs and re-imagined hymns/choruses. We do also believe in the importance of writing new songs, so we try and introduce one or two during the event if possible. Finally, we ask you what songs are currently connecting with your church to help us choose the right setlist.

Similar to the answer above, Informants tries to be versatile so we can serve the event as best as possible. Depending on the context and needs, we can create a very high-energy atmosphere like UNITED; a soft and intimate atmosphere like Phil Wickham Acoustic Nights; a deep and spontaneous atmosphere like Bethel Music; or somewhere in between all of these options.

Informants usually bring with their own production gear and mixer. We find this helps things move quicker, and there’s less hassle for the venue to change their setup. However, in some cases, it is better for us to use the venue’s gear rather than our own. Examples would be, a one-off fly event, if the venue is larger and fully supplied with gear, or if the nature of the event is large like a concert or conference. We are always open to discussing what is best for you and your event.

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